The 'YOU ROCK!' Level

No charge to join - just commit to purchasing 2 bottles (at the same time) of wine every month and receive 10% off, also making you eligible for the same saving on additional bottles year round.  

We offer exclusive discounts and deals for our special wine club members. Join today and start enjoying the benefits right away! Here are the options:


4 bottles every month (purchased at the same time) gets you 15% off those and any others throughout the year, even single bottles!  A half case each month increases your discount to 20%.  Couldn't be simpler.


Pop down to our cellar to sign up, discuss your preferences with Lillian and she will develop a palate and budget profile for you.  Based on this information, we'll email you our top picks, tasting notes and prices and invite you in when the shipments arrive to swirl, taste, say Ahhhhhh...and go home with some fantastic boutique wines!


Visitors from Canada are welcome to a 10% discount on wine by the bottle at all times, or at least until the exchange rate starts to improve!